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Last Updated 6/30/15

The Age-Group Records (AGR) in the webpages listed below are based on standards approved by World Masters Athletics (WMA) and the USA Track and Field Masters Long Distance Running Committee. These ratings represent the WMA percent of World-Age-Record (WMA%WR), and are obtained using the WMA Age-grading calculator. The latest version of the WMA standards was updated on 2015-01-24 and will be used henceforth. Ratings obtained in earlier years will remain as calculated at the time. This makes sense for example: because some of the previous track records were obtained on cinder tracks. The AGRs are maintained in 5-year groupings based on time or distance, along with their corresponding WMA%WR. The criteria for listing results in addition to the AGRs, are as follows:
Age-Group Record
National or World Class Time
WMA%WR better than the listed AGR

PRs at least state class.

Harford County records are those achieved by Harford County residents in the county or in National Governing Body sanctioned Championships. This includes the MDDC Club Challenge and National Championships
RASAC Club records are those achieved by club members, in sanctioned T&F events or on certified road courses,
Road courses must be certified for records eligibility. and not exceed the allowable drop in elevation. This eliminates non-certified and short courses, such as the Kelly Shamrock 5K, the Celebration 5K, and the Shamrock Arena Club 5K.

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